Ayan birthday cake.jpeg
DG Group June 22.jpeg
Ayan's birthday
Ayan birthday.jpeg
Abhijit wedding
Abhijit wedding
Abhijit wedding
Abhijit & Shomasree wedding
Saraswati puja 2022 at Designer Guild
Saraswati puja 2022 at Designers Guild.jpeg
Saraswati puja at Designers Guild Kolkata.jpeg
Saraswati Puja
Anup cake cutting
Anup birthday cake
Anup birthday at DG
Anup's birthday
Dipak's son 17 Jan 22.jpeg
Joydeb's son 11 Aug 21.jpeg
Dipak and Bandana are blessed with a son
Joydeb and Hiranmayee are blessed with a son
Dipak + Bandana Mondal
dipak cake cutting.jpg
dipak birthday cake.jpg
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ayan marriage group.jpeg
Dipak gets married to Bandana
Dipak's birthday
Ayan gets married to Hena
Joydeb wedding group
Mr. & Mrs. Sharma
Felicitations to the couple
avi son med.jpg
Joydeb's wedding reception
Avi & Sudatta are blessed with son Labja
40th birthday
Happy bitthday moment
Congratulations !
Getting ready
Dhoni at JSCA site.jpg
Dhoni with DG Ranchi team.jpg
Dhoni at JSCA site.jpg
Anup's birthday
Saraswati puja
Dhoni at the JSCA gym site at Ranchi